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We do More

We Engineering retrofit monitors for all legacy CNC machines  . Also, we repair power supplies and upgrade  CCFL  backlight lamps to LED.


If we have problems with the monitor of our CNC machines, Manuel is always available to help us. 

Thank you Manuel for your help!

Dasco Engineering.


Coming soon!

Repair services

We rebuild and repair Industrial power supplies


Our  technicians will repair and refurbish your  power supply. That component level process includes replacing all failure components. as capacitors , resistors and protectors.

LCD Screen CCFL Backlight to LED Upgrade


 LED backlight upgrade for machines equipped with first generation LCD monitors with CCFL lamps that have reached the end of their lifespan. If you are having issues with monitors in your equipment, please feel free to contact us !

Vintage Industrial-CNC Computer


We can help you with that PC on your vintage industrial-CNC machines.